Many people tan their skin for different reasons. Some to protect their skin from the UV- rays, and others for beauty. You always want the best results after tanning that is why you should also prepare well before proceeding with this procedure. It is preferably advised that you moisturize your skin before tanning. This will give you the best skin completion and allow the tan to compact well with your skin. Below are some of the best way to moisturize before tanning your skin.

Before moisturizing is it important to know who to do it so that you make sure that you are doing it the right way. There are many moisturizing products which have been created to suit different skin type and tone. You should first know or determine which moisturizer is best for your skin. When you have found the product knowing how much to apply, how to apply it and where to apply it can cause a lot of difference in your skin. Seek professional help if you don’t know which moisturizing cream to use as an after tanning lotion.

When starting to moisturize make sure that you have properly washed your hands to reduce bacteria and contamination from getting to your product. By washing your hand you also get to limit the spread bacterial and pathogen on your skin.

When measuring the size of the cream to apply, take like a pea-sized amount or a little more and spread it all over your palm. The best way to spread it is by warming it up in your hands. This will give you an even distribution of the cream when you spread it on your face.

When applying it is advisable that you start with your cheeks. After you have applied on the cheeks proceed to the forehead, chin and lastly the neck. This is the proper way of applying the moisturizing cream on your face. The rest of the body you can apply the way you feel comfortable.

When spreading remember to apply it gently or light-handed when moving in circular motions on your cheeks. Use gentle upward strokes when applying it on your neck.

By using this laid out steps above you will have moisturized your skin properly and without any complications. The best thing to remember is to know which product to choose because the product you choose may affect your skin in a bad or good way. So choose wisely and you can seek professional assistance if you are not sure of what is best for your skin.

When you want to maintain the fairness of your skin after moisturizing, apply cream to your skin regularly. One thing that some people forget to do is to apply face cream to their skin. It is very essential to wear face cream because it keeps your skin hydrated. By doing this you will prevent your skin from feeling uncomfortable and becoming cracked or flaky. It also prevents your skin from possible bacteria infection which is brought about by cracked or fissures in your skin.