By regularly maintaining your lawn mower you can make sure that it will keep running for a long time. It is important to check your lawn mower for any problems so that they can be fixed quickly and without much hassle. You can save time and nerves by doing these small checks periodically instead of having to take your lawn mower to the repair shop or even risking it getting destroyed completely.

Preventing problems

The most basic thing you can do is decrease the risks of your lawn mower breaking down in the first place. Before you mow the lawn get rid of any rocks, branches, and any other objects that can get lodged in the mower’s blades. Also, make sure that you only do the mowing during daylight – not having sufficient lighting can cause you to miss any objects laying on the ground.

Keeping the lawn mower in shape

Clean your lawn mower thoroughly after each mowing session to keep it in top shape. Take special care when working with the lawn mower blades – even the sharpest ones will wear down with time and after a few seasons they may need a sharping treatment. Sharpening lawn mower blades can be dangerous though so it may be better to have professionals do it.


Gasoline can go stale if stored in the mower’s gas tank for too long. Generally, it is recommended that if you won’t be using the lawn mower during the next 30 days then you should either use up all of the remaining gas or drain it out. That’s why it is best to have an empty tank when putting the lawn mower away for the winter season. On the other hand, if you notice that your lawn mower seems to be using up the gasoline at a quicker pace than usual it can indicate that there are some internal problems in the engine that need to be addressed.

Cleaning the carburetor

The carburetor is a small but integral part of the lawn mower’s engine that can cause a lot of problems when ignored. The carburetor is responsible for the mixing of gasoline and fuel – the process is necessary for the lawn mower to work properly. If the gasoline is being used up too quickly or if the power is suddenly lacking then it’s usually the carburetor who’s behind these problems.

Most carburetor problems are caused by blockages that occur when the carburetor gets dirty. That’s why carburetor maintenance means cleaning it regularly. Fortunately, you do not need to take apart your lawn mower’s engine to do that. You can purchase a Lawn Mower Carburetor Cleaner to make the cleaning a very easy process. Just put the Cleaner solution directly onto the carburetor to dissolve any blockages. You can also additionally use a spray can of compressed air to dislodge any dirt build-ups that can obstruct the airflow.

Lawn mower maintenance should be performed regularly and not only when the lawn mower starts to malfunction. This way you can be sure that your machine will last for a long time without having to be serviced by costly professionals.